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My Design Secrets
Faux Painter Regina Garay
Lorrie Browne
Copyright © 2008 Lorrie Browne Interiors, Inc

This is one of my favorites and it adds such character to the room. Regina describes it as a distressed wallpaper with light plaster distressing and an overall glaze.

PHOTO: (above) This is the boring "before" in a restaurant that was looking for more warmth and class.
(below) White cabinetry is transformed into a rich cherry-mahogany finish without the mess and downtime that a renovation would have caused.

Regina says this one is a nice "easy" glaze. Now she's showing off!

A couple of weeks ago in the post “What is Faux Painting”, you got a brief glimpse into the work of Garay Artisans. Regina, the owner, is an immensely talented decorative painter, whose work graces the walls of homes, restaurants and hotels all long the eastern seaboard. Based out of Orlando, Florida, Regina, along with her brother and sister, work their magic by transforming spaces from the so-so to the spectacular. Just last week, when I touched base with her, she was wrapping up a project at the Hilton Hotel in Disney World and on her way to work in a new hotel in Asheville, NC. So I grabbed her for a second and asked her a few quick questions and she was kind enough to share some fantastic photos. So I hope you enjoy visiting with her. :-) ~Lorrie

How did you get started?

Almost fourteen years ago, I became the roommate to a scenic artist working on films. She offered to help decorate my room and asked me what paint finish I wanted. I suggest undulating waves of color and as we painted together, it was as if I had just met my true love (the painting, not my roommate — though she’s a wonderful person!). It wasn’t until years later that I decided to make the leap into this industry because I never forgot how blissfully happy I was that afternoon. I often wonder what would have happened if I had never met her and the path to this perfect road for me had never been made apparent.

What inspires you most?

Working with other creative people, especially interior designers. It gets me excited to be privy to a “big picture” vision and see a design fully come together, whether our contribution was small or large. I love seeing the works of current designers like Kelly Wearstler and iconic ones like Albert Hadley. Their rooms inspire me to strive to be an ever-evolving chameleon of an artist…never afraid to think out of the box and reach greater levels of understanding design and art.

What do you do when you are not creating art?

Feeling woefully down, anti-social and out of sorts…no, I’m just kidding! I try to fully enjoy the other great aspects of my life: spending time with my husband, family and friends. For me, one enhances the other.

What would you like people to know about you that they would not expect?

I really, truly dislike cooking although I LOVE watching the Food Network to no end. Haven’t fully explored that conundrum.

How would you describe the decoration of your home?

My husband and I have laughed about giving our home a fanciful name but it really should be “Work in Progress… Perhaps 2010″. I’ve tried to schedule myself in but inevitably a client comes along with a tight schedule and out goes my home. One day! So be sure to check out the Garay Artisans Website, as well as Regina’s clever blog, Fauxology. You will get a taste for her talent and sharp wit. And don’t forget, she travels!


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