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Faux Effects World
A Magnificent Makeover
Volume III — 2005
Angie J. Brown
Chuck Wilkins & Gene Pollux

The main-floor library features faux bois walls above a wood chair rail and an elegantly embossed design below

Vibrantly colored, Faux stone upper walls and uniquely finished lower wall-papered walls offset the imported marble fireplace and richly finished, upholstered furnishings.

The 1,700 sq. ft. master suite encompasses a graciously proportioned sitting room, a dramatically divided master bath and the impressive master bedroom.

Faux leather finished walls in the pub set off the tray ceiling with insets finished to look like the metal ceilings found in authentic English pubs.

The walls in the powder room are a unique crackle finish of Venetian Gem® plaster.

A 7,600 sq. ft., tropical home on the shores of Lake Pocket in Orlando, has recently been the scene of a magnificent transformation. Its owners now call it Palazzo Veccchio — a Mediterranean estate.

Structural changes, new landscaping and exterior paint were necessary. Most of the interior transformation was orchestrated by faux artists using many products and application systems developed by Faux Effects International, Inc. The talented artists who were involved in the 21-room renovation were chosen by interior designer, Joy Graham of A Special Touch, Inc. Joy was responsible for establishing the decor and select furnishings in the home.

Teri Siewert, of Teri Siewert, Inc., headed up the team of talented faux artists. She chose Regina Garay, Inc., and Mary Childs, Focal Points as her associates in the meeting this challenge. Terri and Regina were each responsible for faux finishing eight rooms or areas, while Mary faux finished two rooms and created a trompe l'oeil mural.

The completed home was open to the public, as a showcase house, for three days to benefit the Canine Companions charity. Hundreds of visitors were stunned by the realism of the faux finishing.

On the main floor is a library with richly finished faux bois walls above the actual wood chair rail and an elegantly embossed stencil design on the walls below. The wall finish in this room compels one to run a hand over the walls because it's hard to believe that they're"just painted drywall".

The vibrantly colored, faux-stone upper walls in the generously proportioned office were achieved using Faux Effects RS Stone™ and shades of AquaColor™ in antique amher and mahogany mixed with fauxcreme® to make the glaze. The colors and textures were chosen to offset the imported marble fireplace and richly finished, upholstered furnishings.

The hallway arch, at the entrance to the elegant, old-world dining room, features faux stone blocks, complemented by striking red Olde World Veneziano™ walls. The sky, depicted on the ceiling, is a master­piece of blended antique amber FauxColor and earth brown, metallic and white AquaColor, over which a custom-cut stencil was applied to mimic the pattern of the inlaid floor below.

Using state-of-the-art products, these artists created antique finishes in weeks that would have taken many months to accomplish without the application systems developed by Faux Effects International.

Walls in the English pub-themed bar area feature a faux leather finish that is wonderful to touch. The tray ceiling is finished to look like metal ceilings found in traditional, authentic English pubs.

The 1,700 sq .ft. second floor master suite encompasses a graciously proportioned  sitting room, a dramatically divided master bath and an impressive master bedroom with a hand-carved wood facade on the fireplace. The lower walls of the sitting room are terracotta with a lime wash, waxed and sealed for protection, while the upper walls and ceiling are a lime wash over Olde World Marmorino. A dropped border, three quarters of the way up the wall, is an antiqued glaze of yellow gold.

An appropriate old-world stencil design adorns the massive columns that support an arched passageway between bedroom and bath areas. Embossed in RS Stone followed by FauxCreme and overlaid with a dark wax to emphasize the patterns, the columns support overhead arches where this dramatic finish is continued. The walls in the bath area are a combination of two shades of gold. The top, a soft butter creme yellow-gold, blends into the deeper yellow-gold on the lower sections of the walls.

The master bedroom's sky blue ceiling reflects the view of the lake, while the Italian sienna-colored Olde World Fresco™ of the walls wrap one in a soft golden haze. A glazed stencil border in blue and brown dramatically separates the walls from the ceiling.


Dedicated to Charity to benefit the charity, Canine Companions for Independence, a $5,949,000 Trophy House in Orlando,FL was opened to the public for three Thursdays. The home was redesigned by top decorators, faux artisans, architects and builders. Each day of the event, an average of 400 visitors were awed by the extravagant decor, as well as the 7,500 square feet of some of the most magnificent walls, ceilings, floors and other special touches that were faux finished by three of the area's premier faux artists.

Canine Companions for Independence is a national organization that trains and supplies these special animals for both children and adults needing Skilled Companion Dogs to help them live with severe disabilities and to furnish them with loving companions. Hearing impaired individuals are provided with dogs that will alert them to sounds, Companion dogs interact with a wide variety of people with disabilities, as well as those in rehab or convalescence.

It all starts with a puppy. Dedicated volunteers provide foster care for the young dogs in loving homes until they reach 18 months of age. Then the puppies matriculate into Cd's program of advanced training, mastering over 40 specialized commands. After two more weeks of training, with their new human partners, they are ready to graduate and begin their lives of service.

You can reach Canine Companions at, email or, or call 1-800-572-BARK (2275) or national headquarters at 1-866-224-3647

Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction or distribution is prohibited without permission.
©Copyright 2005 by Faux Effects World.

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