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What services do you offer?
Our team of surface artisans can transform a space and make it subtly elegant to dramatically powerful via paints, glazes and textures. Techniques can range from a beautiful glaze that simply enhances an area to a masterful trompe l'oeil mural that will please your guests with pitch-perfect perspective. Outdated cabinets can be given a fresh look without the cost and hassle of installing new ones. Moldings, trim and doors can be made to expertly match built-in wood cabinetry or columns can be given a marble treatment and no one will ever be the wiser. The brand new can be made to look centuries old and the old can be made to look modern and sleek. We offer creative and artistic solutions for your surfaces.
What is the difference between residential and commercial commissions?
Each project has different goals. We keep in mind that a residential commission requires understanding the visual effects, feeling or image that a client wants to convey. A commercial, retail or hospitality commission requires a knowledge of what effect the designs will have on consumers and how it will draw them back to their establishment. Response time is critical for these clients as well. For either commission, it is important to offer the smartest solutions within established budgets.
How much is a consultation?
Consultations in the general Orlando, Florida area are complimentary. Additionally, if a referral comes through a design firm we work with or by a new designer, the consultations are also complimentary. A $50 -$125 charge will be applied to non-local potential clients within the state of Florida, with the fee applied towards the proposal. Consultations outside of Florida and the United States require private negotiations.
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What is the process?
During an Initial Consultation, the overall design idea will be discussed. Potential clients will view sample portfolios and color swatches and measurements will be taken at that time. We use our expertise to suggest the best areas to incorporate the surface techniques in addition to what finishes are ideal for a client's particular situation.

A proposal will then be mailed and if accepted, a Fifty Percent (50%) deposit will be required. At this time, Sample Dates and Work Dates will be set up in the firm's calendar.

Sample Dates are consultations in which proposed technique boards will be presented. These boards will have been custom made for the client to showcase the specific colors and techniques chosen during the initial consultation. All finishes and colors are chosen prior to the Work Dates. The firm has everything needed to execute the commission -- clients will not need to provide any equipment or materials. The size of the commission will directly affect the size of the crew and the clients will know in advance how many artists to expect. The utmost care will be taken to protect the client's home or business.
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How much are your services?
Our pricing is usually by the square foot with special considerations towards unusually high or difficult areas. The techniques range from $2 - $20 per square foot. Please note that for techniques that require smooth surfaces, such as Venetian Plaster, an extra fee will be applied if the surface we are to work on has texture that requires skimming. During the initial consultation, a budget will usually be discussed.
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What is your time frame?
Initial consultations can be scheduled fairly quickly. The firm itself is usually booked several months in advance for Sample and Work Dates. However, due to ever-shifting construction timeframes and the versatility of our crew sizes, we are occasionally able to accommodate quick turnaround or "emergency" commissions.
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Are you eco-friendly?
In early 2006, our firm decided to respond to the environmental crisis and started the process of becoming a "green" company. Currently, all our paints and glazes are water-based and have low VOCs. We are using and testing numerous recycled products and eco-friendly materials for longevity and superior aesthetic quality. Our goal is to offer the most appropriate resources to support sustainable design.
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Are you insured?  How many years have you been in business?
The firm was launched in 1998 and we are fully licensed and insured.
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